Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Why I hate IT departments....

The following is a series of emails between myself and the IT department of my new company.

Email from me, 10th October - I am new user and my username is 'annipink'. Please can you mirror my access to the data on user 'oldtimera', Annie Oldtimer. Thanks, Ann Pink

Email from them, 10th October - Incident 632548 has been raised.

I called them today to find out what the delay was, and that incident number had nothing to do with me. They asked me to forward the previous emails to them again, and they would investigate.

Email from me, today - Please can you let me know what is happening with this? I just called the helpdesk, and this incident number does not relate to this incident. I need the same access as Annie Oldtimer, as you can see from the attached emails.

Email from them 2 minutes later - do you have a ref number .. ?

Email from me 10 seconds after that - Only the one on the email reply I first got, which is wrong.

Email from them 2 minutes later - ok that is a wrong ref , did you logg the call in your name ? and what date. ?

Huh????? Getting annoyed now.

Email from me 2 minutes later - I didn't log a call, I logged an email. The first email in this list. It was sent, from me, on 10th October.

Email from them - im affraid there is no record of a call being logged under your name., i can log the call now if thats ok ,

Doh, I think it just might be mate.

Email from me - The sooner the better! Thanks, Ann

Email from them - can we have your team leaders name to logg the call under as you are not in our loging system .

For Fuck's Sake!!!!!!

Email from me - Her name is Jane Bosslady

Email from them - your ref :- 634794 regards

No apologies for the state of their emails - that is exactly how I received them.

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