Sunday, November 16, 2003

Agony Aunt Anni

Well, D came over yesterday. It was fun - I really do like him, he is a nice guy. But what do you do when he talks about things not going so well with his girlfriend, when I think they are all wrong together?

He is bored and feeling taken for granted in his job, and had been approached by a head-hunter for a job in Yorkshire. He mentioned it to her - now bear in mind she hates her job and is talking of quitting to do a law degree - but she dismissed it out of hand because she didn't want to move.

Follow on from that with he wants to move in to a place together, so to see if they would get on well living together, and she refuses. He wanted to buy a flat, and she refused to have anything to do with it, yet got upset when his mum and friends were giving him advice.

Follow on from that with the fact that his best friend just got engaged, and now she is saying they should get engaged.

Duh..... No, I don't think so sweety! But how do you say that in a polite way? I think I was fairly diplomatic - I think maybe you should rent somewhere together for 6 months before thinking of buying together, in my experience people who promise to do things differently actually never do, if she can't commit to moving to another town with you, then committing to spending the rest of your life together is a bit soon - when all I wanted to shout was "Dump the bitch and find someone who can give as well as take!"

We had lots of fun unpacking (honestly) because I wanted to find my cd's. We unpacked 4 boxes before we found them, and then he laughed at some of my choices ("Wham? Melanie C? Number 1 hits of the 80's....?") but on the whole he approved - I even had some he had read about (big reader of Kerrang) but not heard (he still lives with his parents who won't let him tune into Kerrang TV all day) So we put it on loud, and turned up the bass!!

Then we went for a curry.

Note to self - balcony bra/white tshirt/curry is not a good combination.

Went to a pub for a couple of drinks (well, one for him as he had to drive home) and D was very excited. Northampton is typical small town on a Saturday night - lots of either teenage girls, or mid-30's to 40's women. All not wearing very much. And teetering around town on impossibly high heels. D had a jolly good lech!

And I am not really sure what to say about this - other than he is obviously a proud boy! He was telling me of one of his one night stands. How when they got to the undressing stage, and she put her hand in his trousers her reaction was "Oh my god it's enormous!" Lucky boy! But why was he telling me?

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