Monday, November 03, 2003

Boot fetish...

Okay, maybe not fetish exactly, but I am obsessed with boots. Maybe I will have to change my name to Elsie!

Saturday, my sister and her family came to visit, their first visit to Northampton. And my 16 year old nephew is, well, a 16 year old boy! And he hadn't brought a coat. So we had to go shopping. And of course, I said "No, no, I hate shopping" but in the end forced them to make me take them into town. Or specifically, TK Maxx (like TJ Maxx in America - does anyone know why the name is different?). Anyway, while nephew is looking at clothes, 14 year old niece and me descended on the shoes.

Now, my niece is like a mini version of me. She says and does things that I would have done at her age - and sometimes even still do. She came up to me with this pair of pale pink lace up ankle boots, expecting me to laugh, or belittle them (as her mother did). Of course, I didn't. My eyes lit, up. "Fantastic! Do they have any in my size?" So there we were, aunt and niece prancing around the shop with matching pale pink boots on, while my sister shook her head in dismay, and the nephew walked off in disgust. The brother-in-law just grunted, desperate to get out of the shop and go home!

Unfortunately, the niece couldn't find a proper fitting pair, so she couldn't buy them. Didn't stop me though! So I am now the proud owner of a pale pink ankle boots, with pale grey soles and boots.

Oh yeah. I also bought a fab pair of 18 hole black DM's. I need to find me some red shoe laces..........

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