Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Boxes, anyone?

I am surrounded by boxes. I think they are mating and producing baby boxes which grow into big boxes in a matter of hours, and then the cycle starts again. I emptied a whole load at the weekend, yet it doesn't seem any better than it was. Mind you, I was too lazy to do any last night. A friend from work is moving house this week, so I am getting rid of some of them to her tonight, so she can pack up some of her stuff. The empty ones - not the ones still full of all my 'stuff'.

What is most worrying is I haven't got to any of my clothes yet. Well, I found one box of tshirts, but I have two chest of drawers which were full of clothes when I left. There is currently only 2 drawers with anything in. And I do like having my drawers full (ooh-er missus).

All is not well in the D household. Apparently, him and his witchy gf had a big fight on Sunday night, culminating in him walking out on her. They still haven't spoken - does texting count? - but are planning a big pow-wow tomorrow night. It is so hard to try and give him objective advice - yeah, she is wrong for him, and seems to be a controlling bitch, but he has to come to that decision himself. If I tell him that, and he decides to stay, I can guarantee that he won't be coming to visit me again, and when I go down to Brighton his time out to play with me will be severely restricted. Oh well, at least he has a big cock!

And you can now call me Theodora Three-friends - so far anyway! I am going out on Friday with an extra person this time - albeit the weird Scottish bloke, but who cares when your friendless?

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