Sunday, November 23, 2003

God, I love weekends!

Thanks for your concern - I had far too much to drink on Friday night. Managed to not be sick, but boy did my head hurt Saturday morning. You can always tell how bad I am because I left half a pint! I am thinking of giving up on cider, simply because I can't deal with the hangovers. Not that I didn't get hangovers with vodka, but they somehow seemed less intense. And also had not such a dramatic effect on my digestive system, if you know what I mean....

It was fun on Friday, although it did start off a bit dramatic. J's friend had decided at the last minute to drive - right at the last minute, just as the taxi arrived at her house. J was not pleased, and when she came in to get me said she had already had a row with her. Anyway, we get in the car, and off into town. But for some reason known only to the driver, she decided to drive straight over the mini kerb thingies in the middle of the car park and scraped the whole bottom of her car. Even me screaming "STOP!" didn't make any different.

So, she went home, not sure if it was a sulk or upset or what.

Anyway, the annoying Scottish guy was supposed to be coming out too, but he didn't turn up - his stepson had been to the dentist and was feeling sorry for himself. Now there's an excuse if ever I have heard one!

So it was D, J and me. And I like D, but he is going up in my estimation - he looks a pretty clean cut guy. I was a little disappointed when he said he was going to buy a new car - a Porsche - as he doesn't really look the type to want such an obvious penis extension (not that I know the size of his penis, but he seemed a little too sensible to fall for the hype). Anyway, it transpires he not only has a motorbike, but he has tattoos as well! Whoo hoo! We didn't get drunk enough for him to show us, but it is only a matter of time.

Also, J wouldn't let us go to the biker pub, although I suspect next time me and D will be more vocal in where we go first, so she can't use the excuse of having got a seat in this pub already, it made no sense to leave.

And I apologise to my X for complaining about his drunken texting. It appears Friday night I was guilty of the exact same thing - although mine didn't appear to be in English - "Diff between not using and nft wanting - i dont belifve this malarkx.Is no wanking!" Any idea what I might have meant? Apparently it made sense to the recipient at 1.30 in the morning, as it did to me when I sent it. However, neither of us have a clue now!

Woke up with the hangover from hell on Saturday. Finally, at lunch time I drove up to my parents.

Early night, given how bad my hangover had been. However, not always easy when you get into a text conversation just before midnight. Still, should have been ok, seeing as I wasn't getting up until 9? Not so - one of my friends decided to ring me on his way home from the pub. Or wherever. At 3.15 in the morning. Just to tell me we had won the world cup, and he was very happy about it. Then, as we were chatting, I could here doors and things opening and closing, then there was the unmistakable sound of running water. "Are you having a pee?" "Yes, I am desperate. I am trying to do it quietly". What charming friends I have!

Today I went to the Birmingham NEC with my sister to a Gift and Craft fair, while my brother-in-law went to a music fair in the next hall with a couple of his mates. I bought a nice leather jacket for only fifty quid, and so did my sister. As we were paying I made some comment about the leather trousers - up for sale at thirty quid. The salesman said I could have a pair for twenty quid. I just laughed "Not in my size I bet!" "Oh yes, they will fit you no problem. Go on, tenner!" LOL. Now, I am a shopaholic through and through, and am a sucker for 'bargains' which turn out to be white elephants, but even I managed to walk away from the leather jeans. But only just. I mean - how funny would that be? Me in leather trousers?

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