Thursday, November 13, 2003

How many boxes?

Every time I have bought something new, I have been dead lazy and just thrown the box into the spare room. But with the imminent arrival of furniture, I need to clean it out. And I couldn't believe just how many boxes I had. If you have asked me, I'd have said there were maybe a dozen in there. You know - telly, microwave, video, other bits and pieces. In fact there are around 30 boxes in my spare room. And they take up a lot of room! I have taken about half of them out, but now it's got cold and dark, so it's going to have to wait until tomorrow.

I am going to miss my dear old vacuum cleaner box as bedside table. And sitting in the plastic garden chair while I gaze at the computer screen - well, I have grown attached to it. Or maybe it is attached to me?

Anyway, I have paid out £1500 today to have my furniture delivered. To be fair, the company in America seems to be agreeing with me in principal that I will get this money back, but in practical terms I doubt very much they will try very hard to ensure I get my money back any time soon.

And how come actually having a job and a life means I have much less to write about than when I was out of work and stuck home all day? Maybe it's not really that way, but it just seems it.

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