Sunday, November 09, 2003

I want to sleep in a bed!

Is this too much to ask?

My furniture cleared customs this week, yet it is still not here. The problem? There has been a huge breakdown in communication somewhere, but I am still not clear where. Everytime I speak to the moving company I used in America, they are adamant I have paid for my stuff to come to my apartment, people to carry it up the two flights of stairs and then clear away any mess. I speak to the company at the docks who are holding my stuff, and they say all they will do is deliver it to my street, and I have to figure out how to get it in, and clear it away myself. The one time I spoke to the agency in New York who organised the shipping, they tell me the movers haven't paid them yet.

I THINK what has happened is the agents in New York booked a 'door to door' as just that - they bring it to my door, and no further. But the major problem is I can't ring international from work, so I am having to ring them when I get home. By which time it is too late to speak to anyone in this country.

Meanwhile, I am being charged ?30 a day rental for the pleasure of them keeping my stuff at the docks.

Friday afternoon I decided I had had enough, and have organised 3 fit men to come and carry my stuff inside and help unpack. All for the princely sum of ?300. I did speak to the X's best friend on Thrusday regarding my legal standpoint. He reckons there will be no issue with whether I can claim back all the extra expense I will incur. However, he reckons my chances of actually getting the money back from a company so far away is nil. So I am going to be in the region of ?500-?600 out of pocket after the rental and paying for the removal men. How bloody annoying!!

On the good side - this means Friday night I will, at last, be able to sleep in a bed. My neck and back are going to thank me for it! Just need to find someone to share it with.....

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