Saturday, November 08, 2003

My head hurts!
Oh boy! I had forgotten how bad cider hangovers are. Especially when you are still sleeping on the floor and so not getting comfortable sleep! It is 1 o'clock, and while I have managed a shower, I am still sitting in my dressing gown, guzzling diet pepsi with a side of chocolate! I have no super hangover cure food in the house, like sausages, bacon and eggs, so when I get my arse in gear and get dressed I am going in search of the Grat British fry up. I might have forgotten the cider hangover, but I certainly do remember the cure!

It was fun last night. It was even funnier when it turns out D had had 2 pints of stella before he came out - I think he thought he was going out with girls, so needed to get his alochol consumption up to start, because everybody knows girls drink slow..... Poor guy had to switch to lemonade at the end - he still ended up drinking one more pint than me, but I think he was shocked how me and J kept up the pace.

And I officially have the 'poshest flat' D and J have ever seen! Given that I have no furniture in most of the rooms, I think that is pretty good going.

Okay, I am off in search of fried bread........

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