Tuesday, November 04, 2003

NYC here I come!!

It's booked! I am going to see all my friends for a long weekend. And apparently I was lucky - the date I chose for flying out was the last date for cheap flights before the run up to Christmas - it was a bit of a bargain I think at �251. But then I suppose that comes from flying from London - where there are several flights a day to New York - as opposed to flying from Birmingham where there is only one flight a day. This makes it expensive, and always bloody packed!

Anyway, Nancy and Sexy Eric are already into the 'let's sort out where we will go for fun' mode. Might be fisticuffs though - Eric wants to go to Asian Happy Hour - a whole night club experience at 5 in the evening - even better with free drinks. However, the last time we went, Eric had rather too much, and he had to be bodily carried home. The only reason he didn't get arrested was me pulling my 'British and Charming' act with the cop that stopped us on the steps down into the subway. Anyway, Nancy doesn't deal with drunk Eric too well, so would rather avoid drunk Eric, than get annoyed and say something she might regret. I on the other hand, think he is rather cute when he is drunk (although not when he is comatose and puking and we are trying to keep him alive). As I am staying with Nancy I suspect she will win out.

A friend from work is also going to be in NYC that weekend, which could be a lot of fun. I can show her the sights (Fitzies) and take her to cool bars (ok, not Fitzies) (well, yes to Fitzies, but it is just not cool). She gets there on the Friday night, so I might try and see her Saturday or Sunday. She is going with another friend of hers, but things are not going well in the happy camp there, so the friend might drop out and her boyfriend go instead. This is better, because her friend has no money - she is planning to go to America for 10 days with �150 spending money! That is �15 a day. To buy food. And drinks. And any sightseeing. Not going to work is it?

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