Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Okay, my stuff is definitely coming on Friday. However, the cost how now rocketed out of control - we are looking at �1700 or thereabouts. So, I guess the fight is on to try and get the money back from the company in America. I need to speak to the lawyer friend again, and hope that a letter from him is enough to do it. If they decide to dig their heels in it is going to be such a pain to get it back.

I am off sick from work. I have a cold, and not getting ANY sleep now. It is also a nightmare because I have my parents summer weight duvet, and no blankets, so when I do go to bed (floor) I am bloody freezing. I had towels on top of the duvet last night!

And isn't nostalgia funny? I am not talking the 'when I were a lass things were much better/chicken tasted nicer/it snowed every winter' nostalgia.

When I was in America, the TV there is so unbelievably crap. The stuff we get over here really is the best of what they have to offer - everything else is even worse (how can 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' possibly be good TV?). I used to think back to how good the tv was here in Britain, how much better it was, even the crap programs were better than what I had to watch over there.

Well, I was wrong. Into my second day at home, and the daytime television is severely getting on my tits!!!

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