Friday, November 21, 2003

Thank God it's Friday!

And not just any Friday - it's the last day I have to sit opposite that irritating idiot of a man. Apart from the muttering, whistling and singing, he also has this habit of talking to me about stupid things that I have no interest in, and not shutting up and letting me get on with my work.

Todays topic? Women don't read broadsheet newspapers.


Apparently this is because broadsheets are aimed at working people, and everyone knows that up until 20 years ago this was purely men. I really didn't know where to start on that one - not helped by the fact I don't actually buy a newspaper - I read The Guardian and The Independent online to get my news - so I couldn't get all high and mighty with hands on hips declaring I buy only broadsheets and read them cover to cover before I have showered in the morning.

He is not really that old either - he is in his mid 40's I'd say - young enough to know better!

I am off out tonight - I could get a taste for this alcohol/social life thingy! It is funny because J and D are taking a taxi to my flat, and we are walking to the pub from here. I said I would meet them there, but J was having none of it - apparently I can't walk around Northampton at 7.45 on a Friday evening on my own, it is too dangerous. It is quite sweet really, but I have just moved back from New York and had no problem walking around the city on my own there! Bless!

Going to have a bad head tomorrow, I just know it.

Off to find my red hair gel.......

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