Friday, November 07, 2003

Tommy Two-Friends!

Hooray! No more Billy No-Mates. Well, not for tonight anyway. I am going out - after work, not just for a pub lunch - and I feel Ms Popular.

Okay, let's be honest, a girl from work was not going out tonight because her boyfriend has other plans. She mentioned it on Wednesday, when me and her and N were in the pub, and I kept meaning to ask her is she wanted to gout. But things have been manic at work the last couple of days. Anyway, around 3 o'clock she comes over and asks if I wanted to go for a drink with her tonight. So I get to have a social outing in the great Northampton.

Also, following on from the pub on Wednesday - I usually go for lunch with D, a lad who started working there the same day as me. Wednesday he comes over and says he has to go early. I felt a bit guilty, because I had arranged to go for lunch with N and J. And he is currently standing in as J's boss until the beginning of next year. And everyone knows that when going out for lunch, the Up's just do not get invited, unless they are pretty special. When I told N and J this, they said D was ok, and we should have invited him.

Back to tonight - J asks me if D is going to be around, and would he like to come. I said I wasn't sure - he usually goes away at weekends, but I thought he might be around this weekend. I said to ask him. She refused - said he was her boss and it was too embarrassing for her to ask. It made me laugh - it is okay for him to come out with us, as long as she isn't the one asking. Anyway, D is around, and he is coming out with us.

I feel a bit guilty - there is this other bloke, S, who also moved down her (from Scotland) and doesn't know anyone. However, I find him a bit arrogant, and I suspect the others do too. I will mention it when we are out, if we should have invited him. But I wasn't going to mention it sooner, in case they suggested he came along. Is that bad of me? Probably, but I have a habit of taking pity on the losers, because no-one else talks to them, and then get stuck talking to them when I have found out why!!

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