Thursday, November 20, 2003

Wake up call

Mmmmm. Tucked up in bed. How nice is my bed? It's bloody wonderful. So there I am, all tucked up, curled up tight in my king size duvet. In that nice warm place that is not quite asleep, but not quite awake when your mind does all sorts of weird things.



WTF?????? It is 5 minutes to midnight (almost an Iron Maiden song, but not quite). Who is sending me a text at this time of night?

"I am in Leicester Square and i need a kebab"

Well cheers, X. I really needed to know that!

He always has had an addiction to texting - more so than me, and I only went with o2 because I got 500 free texts a month. He used to go out with work every quarter for a posh meal and I would get several texts through the evening - "I have just had my starter and it was yummy", followed by "Main course was a tiny bit of steak and 2 carrots artfully arranged on a bed of curly lettuce", followed by "Didn't like the pudding much but we have drunk the restaurant dry of champagne". Inevitably it would end with "I am on the train home, with a burger because I am hungry!" But that was when we were married. And we lived together (okay, so they usually go hand in hand). And it used to be fairly amusing.

Sigh! I need to do something about this, but I so don't want to. It is not going to be pleasant.

More about that bloody bloke at work - now he has started singing under his breath. Oh my god. How bloody annoying is he? Only one more day to go.

And there are suddenly too many D's in my life. I emailed D who came to stay at the weekend today about the D who is my lunch buddy, saying that lunch buddy D is taking over from weekend D in the "Oh yeah, you are such an old cow aren't you?" stakes.

Conversation with lunch buddy D started with me talking about my plane ride when I went on my honeymoon (a long, embarrassing and extremely funny story which I may blog when there is nothing more to say).

Then D says "So, you must have got married when - 1991?"

"Yeah, it was October 1991", says I.

"I was in second year at senior school then", accompanied with a cheeky grin.


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