Friday, November 14, 2003

Well roll me in custard and lick me clean!

I am sooooo happy.

I am so unbelievably happy!

I think the moving men thought I was joking when I told them if they built my bed I would love them forever. But then they saw my face as they bought my bed up two flights of stairs a piece at a time. Then they saw how excited I got as they started to build it. Then they almost pissed themselves laughing as once it was built I started rolling around on it in a sort of personal orgy (muted of course, my parents were in the flat).

I really can't explain how excited I am at the thought of going to bed tonight. I think no-one who has not had to spend 6 weeks sleeping on a 2 inch mattress on the floor for 6 weeks will ever understand just now happy I am right now. I keep walking into my bedroom and just sitting on the bed and giving it a little bounce.

I am also a little drunk right now. Took my mom and dad out for dinner to say thank you - my mom spent hour sin the kitchen today unpacking 'kitchen' stuff - unfortunately I seem to have less cupboard space than I had...... My dad has been helping unpack tons of book boxes.

Now, books. Whatr is it about books? Stoke boy Will, Sexy Eric, even the moving men in America seem to think owning a lot of books is somehow weird. They all walk into the living room and express shock at the fact I have a six foot bookcase full of books - "Have you read ALL of these books?". "Errrrrm, well, yes, most of them several times. Shall I show you my spare bedroom with the three other bookcases in them. Also full of books. Also read more than once." Apparently having so many books and only a handful of DVD's and even fewer videos makes me super dooper weird. Oh well, always knew there was something funny about me!

And I am a little pissed. Whoo hoo! Don't you love getting drunk with your parents? Where you can act a little drunk, but have to be careful what you say in front of them in case they realise just what a slapper their daughter can be?

Talking of which, my friend Damoan is coming to see me tomorrow. He is a really nice bloke I used to work with. Well I say bloke. I should say boy. I went out and got blind drunk with him on his 21st birthday. Four years ago. Anyway, he is a really lvoely bloke, and we used to spend most lunch times together. I used to joke that he used to buy me more chocolate than X - he would always buy me a Flake or some such chocolate bar every day after lunch. We always had a fairly flirty relationship - but I was married, mumble mumble years older than him, and I used to work with him for gods sake!!!!

Anyway, he has been going out with this girl now for almost 3 years. Personally I think it is a bit weird - his ex was a controlling bitch who he seemed very pleased to have finally escaped from. But now seems this girl is just the same. We have been talking for ages about him coming to see me. And finally she has 'allowed' him. But he is not allowed to stay. Oh no, he has to come here, take me out for dinner, drink diet coke and then drive home. Because staying in my spare room (note I now even have furniture) would make her 'uncomfortable'!

My gay friend K says I should get him drunk and make him test out the bed. I am not that evil.

I don't think......

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