Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Bored! Bored! Bored!

Work is so boring this week. Hardly anyone is in, and because of this they have taken the mainframe down both afternoons. Which I sort of see their logic - fewer people using it - but I had planned this week so that I could do all my programming jobs. So this means I am a busy little beaver in the morning. Then bored stupid in the afternoon.

Same for all of us. This afternoon we completed two crosswords. And a lot of internet surfing - shame we can't play games really. I left an hour early, but I might as well have left at 2.30 for all the useful things I did at work.

Thing is, it just makes me tired. I am absolutely knackered now. And all I have done is connect my new printer/scanner, eaten dinner (fish and chips, lots of vinegar, yum), and a bit more surfing tonight. It is only 8.30, and I am already thinking about crawling into bed. Might warm my feet up an'all!!!

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