Tuesday, December 16, 2003


In deference to Cheeks' short attention span, I will blog this one day at a time. Well, one day under a heading, probably do most of it tonight.

Friday was shopping day. And I defy anyone who says that buying 5 pairs of jeans is excessive.

Then went for lunch with Nancy and Doug over in Manhattan. I took the Path to the WTC site - now that was super weird. Even though I had been told, it is really shocking to suddenly emerge from a dark tunnel into daylight, where once there was over 100 floors above you. Sobering too.

More shopping after lunch - bought this fantastic coat which is reversible fur (fake, of course) with a hood and it is sooooo cozy. I cant wait to wear it naked actually, with the fur on the inside, tickling my....

Went back to the flat, and had a nice nap, seeing as I had had only a few hours sleep in the previous 60 hours or so. For dinner we went to the Mexican restaurant which is in Nancy's building. It had closed about a year ago, and taken this long to re-open. Had a fairly healthy dinner of bean soup and rice, which for me is incredible. Then Sexy Eric turned up, sexy as ever. After dinner, we decided that we would go to Fitzies on Friday night as well as Saturday, to make the most of me being there. But we would go early, because I was definitely going to flake early, due to the jet-lag.

We go, using the WTC stop on the Path - a lot less traumatic in the darkness. It was great - I walked in the door, and Roger, behind the bar does a complete double take, then dumps what he is doing to leap across the bar to give me a big hug. And that pretty much set the tone for the night. All the barmen kissed and hugged me - and we got there at 8 which was shift change over, so all 4 of them were there. I got lots of free drinks - got to be a good thing. Also, Rich was in the bar to see me, along with one of his friends who had come to see Iron Maiden with us.

I got my 10th marriage proposal, from a guy who I was certain was gay, as were the two gay guys who were with him, but that might upset his fiancee a little.... Met two British women and chatted to them for ages. Seemed to be getting on okay, until Dr Who came in, and I very politely dumped him on them! I did go over and save them after half an hour, and apologised for him, and when I explained that I just needed a respite, because the rest of the night he would be glued to my side, they did relent a little.

Jonas was there, as was Dartman Dave.

Even better was looking down the bar at one point, then turning to Nancy.

"Remember that guy who spent hours chatting me up and buying me drinks, then walked out on me? Is that him down there?"

"Yeah, that's him!"


"How evil am I?"

"Very evil......"

Marched off down the bar.

"Remember me? You walked out on me in here."

He did have the grace to look embarrassed, and did apologise profusely. Even better was he bought me lots of drinks, although I think he mistakenly thought after walking out on me I would consider anything else from him. Even funnier was every time he went out for a fag, I would make some sarcastic comment about him leaving, and I had better say goodbye now. With Dr Who hanging over my shoulder, he got all defensive. Every time Brian went out, Dr Who would be asking me if I wanted him to sort him out, how he had had a bad week, and would be happy to take it out on someone, and if this guy was upsetting me he would be happy to oblige. Given that Dr Who was likened to Ben Elton, well, this was just hysterical.

Only one of the Stoke boys (Timmy) was there, and I managed to sexually harrass some other guy wearing a similar jumper to him on one of my visits to the loo.

And we did leave the bar early - for us anyway. It was about 3.30 when we left! So much for the early night - and you can always tell when I have had way too much to drink because I start supping on pints of diet coke - much to Roger's disgust!

Sexy Eric and Rich had left much earlier - about 1 o'clock I think - because Rich turns into a pumpkin after 1.30. Sexy Eric says so too, but he lies......

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