Tuesday, December 23, 2003

He's almost here

Another 24 hours and I will be listening out for the reindeer hooves on my parents roof. I have no idea what he will bring me this year, but my friend K has suggested I ask him for his list of naughty boys. At least then they will get SOMETHING for Christmas.

Had a nice surprise at work yesterday, when we all got a card and �20 in gift vouchers from the company. Unfortunately, they are Marks and Sparks vouchers, and I am DEFINITELY not an M&S kinda girl. In these situations, I used to give them to my mother-in-law, but that is out of the question this year! I think me and lunch buddy D are going to visit the food hall together and buy lots of naughty stuff.

I have a dilemma - I do not yet have anywhere to go for New Year - I have a tentative invite to J's, but she is not 100% sure what she is doing yet. New Year's Eve is also my mother's birthday, but I have spent year after year at hers, listening to her 1970's 'Parade of the Pops' LP's - you remember the one's, the compilation hits before the Now records, where they used The King Singers, or some such band to cover the hits. And when the party get's going, she pulls out her 'Bernard Manning sings his Favourite Rugby songs'. You know, such as 'Roll out the Barrel'. Funny, when I was at Poly, the Rugby players I knew used to sing completely different songs...

Anyway, because of my lack of plans for the night, this has elicited an invitation up to the X's. Bad, for the obvious reasons. However, he lives in Edinburgh. And how good a New Year's Eve am I going to have there? Downside is the X has his two girlies also coming round, and also one of their (gay) male friends. So there is no negotiation on the sleeping arrangements. Girlies in spare bedroom. Gay friend on sofa. Me and X in his room. I am pretty sure I am not going to persuade him that sleeping with the gay friend is a good idea.

I am pretty certain I am going to say no.

However, I have also agreed to him coming down in mid-January. Why, oh why did I agree? This is such a bad idea. And I suppose it is also going to be upsetting. It obviously didn't work last time we had out 'chat', so this time I am going to have to be more forceful. And it is going to get messy. Sigh. But whoever said breaking up a marriage was easy?

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