Friday, December 05, 2003

Patience is a virtue!

Sigh - not out of action for 2 days Cheeks (rushes off to check she has the right link this time), just one night I didn't post. Okay, Wednesday was just a heading, but, well, it did pretty much tell it all.

Well, Wednesday, I did give datey guy who stood me up at the weekend a second chance. He came round for dinner, although I didn't cook for him like I did for lunch buddy D, so he is not aware of my skills in the kitchen. Well, cooking skills anyway. And he has now left the country, so not sure if I will see him again! Story of my life....

Last night I was trying to sort out the 'Oscars' for the Christmas party on Tuesday. Still got a long way to go, but getting there. Got all the pictures I need, now got to spend a couple of hours cutting and pasting pictures together. So, going to be a busy weekend.

I am having my hair done tomorrow, in preparation for my trip to New York next week. I have to get up mega early though, because I also have to MOT the car (it runs out while I am away) and the garage is only open in the morning. Hair appointment is 9 o'clock, so I have to drop the car off REALLY early, then walk into town, get my hair done, then get back to the garage before lunch to pick it up again. Only good thing about it is that there should be nothing wrong with it, and so won't cost me too much. I have no idea how much an MOT costs any more - years since I had one done (and that's cos I lived abroad for 2 years, and then had a brand new car 3 years before that, not because I drove illegally).

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