Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Well, after getting home so late, we slept in a little late. But only until midday, which considering we hadn't got home until 4 am I don't think is too bad. On getting up, showered and dressed, we decided we needed greasy food as only those with a raging hangover can understand. After much discussion, we went to Uno's, because their 'Pizza Skins' really are built for hangovers. What could possibly be better than pizza base, filled with mashed potato, topped with cheese and bacon, served with sour cream. Heart attack in normal mode, heaven on a plate with that special sort of headache.

Sexy Eric said he would join us later, and he would come to the mall with me as he had to sort out his mobile phone. Note here - much discussion with Nancy as to what Eric would actually do. Nancy was of the belief that he would walk with me to the mall, then dump me when he got there, sort out his phone and then head home. My vote was that he would walk to the mall with me, come around the shops with me and help me carry my shopping, and end up not sorting his phone out because the Verizon shop would be full. I won! Well, almost. He didn't carry my shopping. But he did carry my coat instead. What a sweety he really is.

Later the 3 of us went off to The Outback Steakhouse for dinner. What a whacky waitress we had there - why does this happen to me? Within seconds of being seated she was my best friend because I reminded her of someone - not just my looks you know but my whole personality.... Like I said, whacky. She also managed to upset Sexy Eric somehow, I can't remember how, but made some joke with him that he thought inappropriate (I thought that was the British mentality?).

After dinner, of course, where else do we go but Fitzies! And, if anything, it got even better. Brian the walker-outer turned up, and even sat next to me. But I was bored of him, so hardly spoke to him - is that mean of me? My friend J from work was in NYC that night too, so she came down with her friend to join us. They originally planned to only stay for a short while - famous last words! Three hours later they leave, remarking how fast the time seems to go in there. I know how that one feels! J was great - Sexy Eric is normally very shy with people when he first meets them - especially British people with a thick West Midlands accent. But she got him chatting for about an hour, which is very impressive.

Stoke boys Timmy and Will were in, but they left fairly early. They said they'd be back, but they weren't. Probably a good thing, considering the barman who was on - he isn't known for giving lock-ins, and we suspect its because of the Stoke boys. We got us a lock in until 5.30, and we reckon it was down to me and Nancy being there (even if it wasn't we can dream!).

Roger was funny with my friends from England - he was really flirting with them, and giving us lots of free shots of fancy stuff with rude names he made up on the spot. I asked Nancy if she remembered that Roger used to flirt with us like that when we first used to go.... ahh, the nostalgia!

Nancy got chatting to this really nice looking bloke. Me and J's friend were speculating on him - to be fair, he did get better looking as the beer goggles kicked in, but he also seemed to be a really nice bloke. However, Nancy has this weird system, and she dismissed him out of hand because he was a plumber. She is still hankering after this guy from the summer, who sounds like he has no personality, and definitely no sense of humour, she has only seen him 4 times, and he kept standing her up, but he has a fancy job. I felt a bit sorry for him - and hell, if she didn't want him, she could have introduced me to him sooner!

Once again Jonas came in, which was great, and my friends were given the treat of him doing his Frank Sinatra singing. Even better was Mullet man Bob came in - very late - and apparently it was a last minute thing. God that man gives great hugs! Shame about the hairstyle. And the cowboy boots. I would not be the least bit surprised if he has a wardrobe at home full of fringed denim shirts.

One of the highlights was me convincing Sexy Eric that if he gave me $2, he could trust me to put on great music on the juke-box. He wasn't very impressed with my selection (particularly my System of a Down choice), and declared he had never heard that Kylie great "Can't get you out of my head". Dartman started raving about the joys of Kylie, and to prove how great she is, me and Dartman started to re-enact the video. Nancy says it was one of the highlights of her night watching me and Dave dancing like loonies.

It got to the lock-in, and there weren't many of us left - Nancy, me, Sexy Eric, Dartman Dave for definite, can't remember many others. We also renamed Dartman to Doorman Dave, as Dennis gave him the keys to let people out as he couldn't be arsed to keep walking round to bar to the door, and we were sat near the door.

Dartman Dave was more drunk than we have ever seen him - as demonstrated by his demanding he wanted to see my 'bustier' as Nancy had described my camisole earlier in the night.

I need to describe this - it wasn't a normal camisole - it was more a t-shirt bra built into a strappy t-shirt. No hooks - I had to shoe horn myself into it before I went out. Once it was on, it was very comfortable, but what an effort getting it on! Anyway, took off the see-through shirt, as I reckoned it didn't make a whole lot of difference (and at this point, I had been in the bar in the region of 7 hours, and many vodkas later). We then got into a great discussion about t-shirt bras, and how we women think they are great because it holds in the 'cold nipple' that is so apparent at this time of year. The boys (namely Dartman Dave, Sexy Eric, and Roger) were more in favour of seeing the nipple. There then was a discussion of how my top felt like it was made of concrete - I could bash my chest and barely feel it. Dartman had a feel of the thickness (from the top, nothing dirty, honest). Roger had a a different idea, and made a full lunge. Then smirked, said "Yeah, concrete", and walked off. Cheers mate!

We left at 5.30, with Sexy Eric still in tow. This is, I think a world record for Sexy Eric ever!

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