Saturday, December 06, 2003

Sigh... Sexy Eric

I just tried to ring my friend in New York, and she wasn't in. So of course, I had to ring Sexy Eric. Gawd, I haven't seen him since I left, and we still chatted for over an hour. Much as I love my friend Nancy there, I have only managed to speak to her once since I left, and that was for about half an hour. I have spoken to Sexy Eric several times, and I think every time it has been for over an hour. I am looking forward to seeing him this week, when I go to NEW YORK!

Been shopping today - I almost bought a fantastic pair of boots, but the shop assistant couldn't find the left foot of the one I had tried on. So tried another pair on. And she couldn't find the other one of that either. I left my name and number, but I am not holding out much hope on them ringing me - if they find them, they will just put them back on the shelf.

I did buy some knickers - wow, what has happened to knickers while I have been away? I did buy some over the summer when I was here - 3 pairs, one made from union jack material, one which said 'Too hot to handle' and one pair which said 'Mission Impossible'. The latter pair have been dismissed under the trades descriptions act........ Anyway, these are sentiments I would happily wear on a tshirt - but they seem a bit redundant on knickers! The ones I have bought today have similar motifs - but even though I feel they are redundant, I still bought them over the plain ones, so who is the sucker?

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