Tuesday, December 02, 2003

What a sweety!

Lunch buddy D has been round tonight, and I cooked us dinner. He really is a nice bloke - possibly a replacement for Sexy Eric, although I don't find him sexy. But in the 'let's hang out and drink and eat nice food together' kind of way.

I had invited him for dinner anyway - taking pity on him when he was living in a hotel eating pot noodles with a teaspoon - and he likes chilli ALMOST as much as I do. I had invited him round for one of my super curries - my own take on a chicken jalfrezi, which turns into chicken, chickpea and mushroom jalfrezi. He drove, so he only had one beer, but it is a school night, so I wasn't planning on having lots anyway. If he hadn't been driving, we'd probably have had a bottle of wine. In that way he is not like Sexy Eric - Sexy Eric never used to drink at my house on a school night - it just didn't seem to be done. None of my American friends did - but then us Brits are supposed to drink more per head than the rest of the world (no back up to that, someone once told it me in a pub so it must be true).

Anyway, next week is out team's 'Christmas Party' aka the offsite team meeting. We can't call it a Christmas party, because the bigger team is having one of those, and we are not supposed to have two. But bless our big boss - he wants to come along too - so it's not like he doesn't know what we will be doing. But because it is a 'team meeting' and we are going to be 'offsite' for the whole afternoon we have to have a meeting agenda.

I had volunteered to do the 'Team Oscars', and the boss had assigned RB to help. However, RB was not happy when I suggested we needed to have a meeting to discuss what we were doing, and the boss hadn't told him. Then when I explained, he was even more pissed off because he said it was an awful item to be doing, and we should have volunteered for the 'ice-breaker' because that only took a couple of minutes and was less hard work. He whinged about it a lot, even when I invited him for dinner, and then he did a deal with lunch buddy D and has taken on the grunt work for D (something we all have to do on a weekly rotation) and D is doing the Oscars with me.

So we have spent a pleasant evening eating, drinking, chatting and then sorting out who is going to get what. Of course 'Best Looking Male' is going to Eye Candy - and we will award him a picture of Bertie Basset. Luckily for the rest of the team we have had our photos taken for the structure chart, so I can superimpose their heads onto whatever evil picture I can find (laughs wickedly while stroking a white furry cat).

And it is still hard work at work. Eye Candy is very keen to impress, and is just asking loads and loads of questions, and when I try and show him something which should take 10 minutes, it turns into a 2 hour job, and even then I end up not showing him what I planned to in the first place. It will be great in the long term, because we can share the workload, but this week is turning into a nightmare, especially as I am off from the middle of next week.

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