Tuesday, January 20, 2004

All is not well at work

Eye Candy succeeded in annoying J yesterday. She came up to me after, saying she now knows how I feel in the 'I just wanted to slap his face' mode that I have been feeling for the last few days.

He is just so arrogant - yesterday's comment was that the shitty, boring work we all have to do in rotation on a weekly basis be given to the new girl in a completely new team which has nothing to do with what we do. When both me and J said this was not going to happen, he got all smug and said "Oh, I know K (the boss of the new girl) quite well, I'll have a word with her". Quite well? He has been here for 6 weeks, yet feels he knows this woman much better than the rest of us? And it was said in such a put down way.

Mind you - I think he's spoken to her, and somehow the job still hasn't moved across to them. Not that he will admit to that.

And today, he has spent god knows how long counting up how many of these queries we get, and making a little chart and sending them round to a select few of us, pointing out what we all know, and suggesting we speak to this woman. I asked if he knew the woman he had suggested, since we get scores of these requests, from lots of different people and it seem she picked this woman's name out of the air. I was right. He has no idea if she is a manager responsible for sending out the queries, or just someone who has been told to email us with these queries, and has no responsibility for who sends us what. Arsehole.

However, even better is our friend N who we go to the pub with, and has no real work dealings with Eye Candy says she finds him 'Aloof'. I know this is not the image he wants to project, and I think it's funny.

He is also annoying me by now bullying A into doing things that are 'good for her personal development' since he seemed to be getting nowhere with me. Unfortunately, A is not so strong willed as me.

Do I hear 'micro-manager'? And he's not even a fucking manager!

I hate myself for this - I really enjoyed my work until he came, and I don't like the petty way he makes me feel every time he opens his mouth to me. Yet I can't seem to help it.

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