Friday, January 09, 2004

Burning question

Had lunch with lunch buddy D today (before I went off for my fortnightly chair massage.... hmmmm... nice and relaxing). Now, me and D have very, very similar tastes when it comes to food. Mainly, we like it hot. And when I say hot, I mean HOT! As in lots of chillies hot. We are both curry lovers - although I prefer mine to be made with real ingredients, he might prefer that, but will happily eat a microwave curry (yuk, wouldn't touch it with yours, let alone mine).

Anyway, we have many a discussion on food, and our shared recipes (like tonights tea for me is cheesy mash with mustard and lots of fresh red chillies in it, cheese on top, cooked in the oven) for all things hot and tasty. I knew he loved olives, which I hate, but until today, I thought that was it, the rest we liked the same things. However, I discovered today he hates anchovies. I find this weird - he loves olives because he likes the saltiness of them. Huh? And he hates anchovies? Because they, urm, taste of salt? Anyway, we decided we would never be able to share a pizza.

One thing which came out of today's discussion though - why is it that a cheese sandwich can get kind of boring after a while, yet you never, ever tire of cheese on toast?

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