Monday, January 12, 2004

Busy Day

Back at work, and very busy. Eye Candy is getting on my nerves a bit with the bullshitting, 'try to get seen without doing too much work' attitude. He doesn't like to do any analysis (funny, given that is our job title) and is trying to palm off all his analysis on me. Some of it is already out there, he just has to go and look it up, yet he is expecting me to go looking for it and sum it all up in a nice email. Thankfully, after a meeting on Friday, and another meeting today (he is one of these people who can;t sit and talk, we have to have scheduled meetings) he finally seems to be realising that I have a lot more work to do than him. And I did refuse point blank to provide him with figures he can already get by opening the monthly report. Still got to do the programming for him though - he hasn't managed to sort out his username and password yet. Only 6 weeks in the job. Too busy brown-nosing!

Feeling a bit better after my anxiety on Saturday. Still stressing about it, but trying to deal with it in the 'it's not my fault he hasn't got the message' style - I did try and tell him last summer, not my fault he decided to ignore it.

What is funny (weird, not haha) is that all my work friends want to come out on Saturday to meet him.

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