Sunday, January 25, 2004

Happy Bunny!

I just got off the phone to Sexy Eric. Hour and and half of just nattering. He is LURRRRRVERLY.

I asked him when he was coming to see me - he keeps talking about it, and when I was there in December he suggested January. Or February. Or maybe Easter. Or the summer. Probably the summer, because he wanted it to be warm when he is on his holidays. He really doesn't understand that this is England. We cannot guarantee the weather at any time of year - he could come at Easter and need his shorts, or his parka cos it is still snowing. Or he could come in the summer and need a brolly and wellies, or he might get lucky and get some sun. But given that last year was so hot, it might just be wet this year.

He said he wasn't going to come in February, because it was going to be cold, and that he wanted to go somewhere warm, and laughed and said let's meet in Spain. I laughed, but then said if he was serious, I could consider it as I have 5 and a half days holiday left to take by the end of February.

So now we are going to consider going somewhere for a long weekend (he doesn't have that much holiday to take - gotta love those American holidays - he gets a total of 25 days a year including bank holidays, I get 30 days PLUS bank holidays). Even better, because it is some holiday or other on the 16th February, he has suggested Valentines weekend. I am in LURVE!!!!!!

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