Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy New Year

...and all that guff.

Well, mine was pretty boring really. I didn't go home (upset my mom on that one, but there is only so much family I can take in one week) and went to see my friends in Bedfordshire. They were going to another friends, and I thought it was going to be a party party. It was actually 9 adults and one 10 year old, all eating, and just sitting drinking watching tv. We didn't even sing Auld Lang Syne come midnight - which was very odd given there were two Scots there as well.

We were supposed to be staying the night there, but K wasn't very well, so C drove us back to theirs. So I didn't even get that drunk because those two weren't drinking.

Yesterday was nice, just stayed in with K and C, watching Robbie Williams live at Knebworth and getting excited because we could see Stevenage in the background (that's where we all used to live) and marvelling at just how many people were there (we have been to Knebworth, we truly know how big it is) and me and K were lusting after Robbie. We also watched Grease again - can't go wrong with a bit of Grease, although I guess I might have been getting on K's nerves because I know the film word for word, and lapse into it now again (no matter how hard I try not to).

I cooked them a curry, which was fab (even if I say so myself) and we drank lots of wine.

I came home today, and have not long been in. I am a little bored now. I should be unpacking boxes, but can't be arsed. Doing the washing, trying to figure out what I want to eat tonight to see if I need to go out to the shops or can live out of the freezer. What a wild and exciting life I lead!

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