Monday, January 26, 2004


I have received a letter today, from the bank. Apparently, the AVC X used to pay into before we went to the USA he was not eligible for. Now how they came to this decision, I do not know. Anyway, apparently they sent a cheque back on July 2002, which has not been cashed. Therefore, they have credited the bank account with the over £3,500. The old joint account. Which is now my account.

I know for a fact he will have forgotten all about this - it was always me keeping an eye on the finances (as shown by the fact he has spent almost all his share of the profit from the house sale).

Do I tell him I have this money?

Update - I did tell him. However, because the money for it came out of the joint bank account, I get to keep half!!!! Not bad for a night's work!

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