Friday, January 16, 2004

I escaped for a while

Had an appointment at the hospital concerning my eyes at lunch time. I warned I might be late back. What I didn't say was I would be going home to eat my lunch, and to start the meeting without me, I will get there when I can be bothered.

This is bad news. Up until now I have really enjoyed my job. I have had good jobs before. I have also had some really shitty ones where I just didn't want to go in, and took any excuse not to be there. This has not happened at my new job - I have been waiting for it - usually, the first 3-4 weeks are great, then the next 2 are a downer, and then after that it settles into the pattern it will be for the rest of your time there. I have had a 3-4 MONTH high. Now it is going down, because of the Arsehole (new nickname for Eye Candy). Not that he has done much to annoy me today. But he has done enough. So I left at 11.30. And I will get back around 2.45 I reckon. Mind you - I did get in for 8 am this morning, settled at my desk working when our Board member wanders past saying hello to all the people in. Note to self - don't tell the arsehole this happens - he will be in for this time every morning to make sure he is seen.

Anyway, back to my eyes. Some pretty good news really, although moving to a new Health Authority is turning into a pain in the proverbial. I have an eye condition called kerataconus, which means my corneas are changing shape. I have to wear gas semi-permeable contact lenses to see - glasses just don't work. My lenses I have now are 3 years old, and are painful. Very painful. They are causing me problems, giving me migraines and I am taking days off work. Good news is it seems that it is just the fit of the lens causing this, and my KC is just fine. And I will probably not need eye surgery given the state they are in 'at my time of life'.

Also getting stressed about tonight. Gawd - what a mess!

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