Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I hate Morrisons

I am off work again - my eyes are really playing up and my head aches are just a nightmare at the moment. I had a hospital appointment lunch time for them to do an orb scan of my eyes. To park at the hospital costs £2 - not cheap in anyones book. I managed to scrape the change together.

Then I went to Morrisons - but you also have to pay £1 to park here. They do refund you the money when you pay for your shopping, but it is a real pain if you pay by credit card - they never give you the cash back, they just take it off your shopping. This means I am constantly having to find £1 coins from somewhere. I usually keep a £1 coin in the car, but had used it to park at the hospital.

I walked into the shop, to see if I could get some change, but I got distracted (headaches, remember?). And I forgot. I was in the shop for 20 minutes. And yes. I got a fucking £60 parking ticket! I am annoyed.

I am going to write to Morrisons and complain - this is bloody annoying!

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