Thursday, January 29, 2004

Ice Skating

I went to the opticians tonight. I was in there for over 2 hours. Mind you, he did give me a thorough examination, but the whole thing set me back over £60. And that's not including the fact I need new lenses in my glasses (hence why I get such bad headaches from wearing them) which is another £70 or so. Nor the fact I need new contact lenses - going to cost another £150 or so. It's expensive, having bad eyes.

Outside here is like a skating rink. I almost went arse over tit just taking my rubbish out. I walked there - the opticians is on the edge of town, so would have been pointless to drive there - by the time I'd parked I have had to walk almost as far as if I had gone from here. However, the paths are more likely to have been cleared. It was a nightmare in places - the whole pavement in places was like a skating rink. And I almost got runover by walking in the road. Got to love Britain when it snows. Oh what a different story it was in New York.

Talking of New York, I hear the Hudson River is frozen over again. I was in England last year when it froze over - I wish I could have seen it. There are whole ice floes floating down the river - the ferry needed a little tug boat in front of it to clear the way to take people to work. Although the Path station at the WTC is now open, so a little less worrying for my friends.

And talking of my friends, Sexy Eric is blowing me out! He has had a really shitty time at work - his review was awful because he sent an email questioning management's way of doing things. This is after THEY volunteered him onto the committee to find out why they were getting such bad marks on the employee satisfaction survey. So he made suggestions. And they didn't like it. Typical, is what I say. Anyway, he is very pissed off, and wants to spend his time and energy looking for a new job. Despite my best efforts to convince him he needs a break somewhere warm, it's not working. Neither is suggesting he comes and works with me. Northampton is just not winning it for him. Sigh.

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