Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It just gets worse

Told my parents not to come as it was snowing hard this afternoon. Actually, by now most of it has melted, but the roads are wet and it might freeze, so it's probably best if they don't come.

But...... when I told my Mom this, she then ummed and ahhed and asked what time X was leaving on Sunday. Now, I am not sure if she was asking because she wants to be here and see him (oh god, how bloody awful would that be?) or if she wants to come down after he has gone. In which case the 'Christmas presents' excuse doesn't wash.

Either way, I still don't know for definite that they are not coming - I rang her at 2pm, and she said she would ring or text me. I never heard from her. Tried to ring them at home, got the answerphone. Tried to ring the mobile, it's switched off. In the end I rang my sister and spoke to my niece, who informed me they had 'gone down town to do some shopping'. So, I assume they are not coming.

And Eye Candy at work is seriously getting on my tits! He is treating me like an inferior, and I am going to slap him some day soon if he doesn't stop. He actually told me today I had to get Microsoft Project on my computer because I needed it for my personal development. This was after me telling him I hated it, had used it at Amex, and prefer to manage my own projects in my own way. What the fuck has my personal development got to him. And then he kept trying to push it from different angles. In the end I just turned to him and said I was not going to get it, and walked off. I know he wants to move up, but he is not going to do it by stepping on everyone elses toes. My friend J has already commented on how arrogant he comes across, and made her feel like she knew nothing. Sigh. Going to have to do something about it soon.

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