Thursday, January 22, 2004

Just call me Delia

Or maybe that should be Madhar.....

Dinner, even if I say so myself, was fab! King Prawn Patia, with some mushrooms and chick peas thrown in for good measure (and good health - got to get my 5 portions you know). It was hot, sweet, sour, and quite possibly one of the best curries I've ever made - and I make a lot. D was suitably impressed.

And no, we didn't shag. Didn't kiss. In fact, I am not even sure we even touched, but I might be wrong about that. If we did, it wasn't exactly memorable.

Had lots of fun educating D in the way of internet chat. He was surprised I had a webcam, and I had to explain that I didn't use it to get my baps out for complete strangers (well, not that often anyway), but that there were a lot of people out there with no qualms about getting their bit's out and strutting their stuff.

So we had a demonstration. I went into a chat room, and he was surprised how many private messages I got from men, even when I never 'said' anything. Then, when the little icon changed to show my cam was on, it went bananas. At first he wanted to see other cams, but when I explained what he would be likely to see should we inadvertently open one, he changed his mind.

Still, I managed to shock him, and I don't think that is an easy thing to do.

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