Friday, January 23, 2004

Patronising git!

I really am going to twat him one.

We don't currently have a manager. There are 3 people in the team, working on 3 main projects. The way we have agreed between ourselves, and with the big boss is that each of us has a 'main' project, then we are '2nd' to another project, and then the overseer to the final project, just someone to run things past when they are almost done.

Well, A is my 2nd, and I speak to her probably every other day, discussing how I am modelling, she checks my code for inaccuracies, and to ensure I am including/excluding the right records. I then run past her my results, and discuss what I think is right/wrong, and my proposed solutions - mainly to see if I am going along the right way, and if she has any input. This is working great.

Arsehole (formerly Eye Candy) is the overseer. Well, today I got 2 sets of results - one makes loads of profit, but is also increasing bad debt, one makes not so much profit, but reduces bad debt. Rather than the 'oh yeah, I can see the merits of both' sort of discussion I had had with D (in the absence of the big boss to see which she wanted emphasis on - profit or loss) it turned into this huge, hour long explanation of what I had done, how I had modelled it. That in itself was bad enough - but when he comes out with "I am sure there is a better way you could have done this", how I didn't hit him I do not know. He is just so patronising.

Then he comes out with "Leave it with me, I will think about it". He wasn't too happy when I replied "Well, that's fine if you want to, but don't you have enough to do with your project? And that's not really your role in this - I have been discussing this with A all along, and you are just meant to see if you understand what I have done, and the assumptions I have made are sensible",

Chill, babe, it's the weekend.

And we have a new girl at work, from Australia. Also called Anne. But with an 'e'. She is living in a hotel in the middle of nowhere until she finds somewhere to live, so I am probably going out to play with her. J wasn't allowed out to play tonight.

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