Thursday, January 15, 2004

Putting him in his place!

Eye Candy is not best pleased today. They finally got around to moving our desks, so the three of us in our team can actually sit together. Only we are not in a cluster, but are in a nice long line. I had the job of sorting out this move, and making sure everyone was happy with it (A has problems if she sits too close the printer - bless her, means we got moved close to a window) and deciding who sat where.

Now, the seating goes like this - one L-shaped desk by the window, facing out to a really nice view over the pond and gardens. This is linked via a 5-foot long, desk high cupboard to a similar desk, sitting with back to the first one. The final desk faces in to the middle desk, but has no cupboard. This is the smallest desk area (no cupboard) and backs onto the 'corridor' bit of the open plan, so people are forever walking past.

Well, seemed to me that some sort of hierarchy planning was needed.

A has been with the company for 5 years, and currently had a nice window desk looking out on the pond. So, she sits by the window.

I have been with the company 3 and a half months. Eye Candy has been there for 6 weeks.

Guess who got the shitty seat?

Hasn't stopped him from patronising me though. I am going to have to say something. Before I hit him. Hard.

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