Wednesday, January 21, 2004


What is it with some people and their dirty minds? Lunch buddy D is coming to mine for dinner tonight. Originally the plan was I would cook, and he would sort out my telly connection. But now I am just cooking. A nice Prawn Patia, made extra hot just for us.

Went to the pub for lunch today - it turned into just the girlies, because Eye Candy (who inadvertently got invited, much to J and my disgust), when he realised D wasn't coming and he'd be the only boy, backed out. Said he wasn't intimidated, but I think differently.....

Anyway, on the way to the car I mentioned to A that D was coming for dinner, and she got indignant that I hadn't invited her for dinner. When I pointed out that that was because I don't have a dining room yet, and when I can find it I would invite her and her husband to dinner, for a full on special, and that originally it was going to be a trade off and he was going to be eating it off his lap, then she calmed (I retaliated later when she said she was cooking a special meal tonight for Chinese New Year, and I asked why I hadn't been invited, lol). When we get to the pub, I mention to the others that D is coming for dinner, and they all started making comments about something going on. Sigh. Why do some people not seem able to see that I can be friends with blokes without fancying them? And I certainly don't fancy 24 year old boys who drive fast cars, and whose friends tell of their bedroom antics together! We just get on really well. Oh well.

I better get off and prepare for dinner.

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