Sunday, January 04, 2004


Went out last night with J and D from work. D's friend S came too - they have been friends since school days.

Had a really nice time - S is funny, but very like D in his leching and full-of-shit-ness, so it was funny to watch. We met them in a bar in town, and they decided they wanted to go to this up-market club. When J and I expressed disbelief that such a place was possible, S said that he and D would pay for us (D was in the loo at this point). LOL. What a smoothie.

Anyway, we decided to go with them - and paid a whole seven quid to get in. And the place was empty. But the music was very loud, as if to make up for the lack of people.

We got seats, and I got talking to S.

Now, I always have had this thing with old people talking to me, and telling me all their life story. And of course the weirdos - I ALWAYS get the weirdo in the bar talking to me - they have a sort of 'Annipink Radar' and seek me out.

However, it also seems I am the 'easy to talk to' kind of person that had S spilling all (well, probably not all, but at least some) of their secrets. S had already declared his love for D, saying that when he got married, D was absolutely going to be his best man, because they really were the bestest of friends.

Seems there is another reason.

D is likely to have shared his prospective wife with him. In several shared bed experiences.

I have no idea if D knows that his best friend was telling his work colleagues his sexual secrets, but it is going to make for an interesting day tomorrow......

But why do people feel the need to tell me these sorts of things within a couple of hours of meeting me? Even S didn't know why he was telling me. I said it was the beer. He agreed in part, but I got the 'You are so easy to talk to, you are not judgemental' line. But seriously, I DO NOT need to know about my workmates bedroom acrobatics. Mind you, it is kind of nice to know, although I suspect D will be mortified if he knows I know.

Question is - do I share it with J?

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