Wednesday, January 07, 2004

What an absolutely GREAT day

In fact, it has been a pretty good week at work, and it's only Wednesday!

Credit Risk Geek Alert! Danger! Danger!

I have renamed this week to be 'Discovery Week' in the auths team at work.

Monday, we discovered that there is a whole section of auths and line increases which the people working on them knew nothing about. It seems our big boss sort of 'knew' about it, but knew nothing of the strategies, and how good they were, and how many customers they affected.

Tuesday, we discovered all the things about this new section, and I successfully managed to palm it off onto the lines team to do all the work. Result!

Today, we discovered a new file which will make the whole auths team analysis much easier in the future. We also discovered I am a genius.

Can't go into detail about what it actually was (company secrets and all), but suffice it to say at the beginning of December I wrote a piece of code comparing two files, trying to match records against records. Some of it was easy, but most of it was, in my opinion, a botch job. However, I came up with a figure to give to the God of my company (with lots of proviso's to cover my arse). That figure was 67.27%.

Today, using this new file, we ran a job to check what the actual figure was. I was expecting to have to go to Big M, cap in hand, and apologise for giving him crappy figures. The actual figure - 67.23%. Damn! Four hundredths of a percentage point short of being perfect!!!

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