Saturday, January 03, 2004

What a mug!

I caved in. How weak am I? The X is coming down to stay for a weekend. In two weeks time. I am annoyed with him for asking to come. I am annoyed with myself, because I shouldn't have felt obliged to let him come. Sigh.

In some ways it will be fun - we always have fun when we are together - when we aren't rowing, obviously - but that isn't the point. We both need to move on now. And seeing each other every few months - and inevitably sleeping together - is not really allowing either of us to move on.

I have the spare room sorted now, so I could make him sleep in there, but it is obvious from some of the texts he has been sending me what he is expecting (I mean how else am I supposed to interpret "Girl's from Rugeley give the best blow jobs"?).

God, I am annoyed with myself. Yet seem incapable of saying no to him. Which in turn is making me even more annoyed with myself for being so stupid and weak. What a mare!

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