Monday, February 02, 2004

Belly Dancing
Went again - and it is getting easy with practice. Last time I found I was wiggling the wrong hip - must be the way I have always danced I suppose, felt all wrong at first, but I am getting there. camel walk is difficult though. And I tell you what - it is harder work than it looks - I got all sweaty.

Back to work today, and the Arsehole is still the arsehole of the office. Nothing has changed much. But it is hilarious when some of the other managers have a question, and they come to me for an answer. I can see him trying to listen in, and wanting to butt into the conversation, but as he has no knowledge of what we're talking about he can't say anything. Normally I would tell him about it, get him involved, like I do with A, but as I know it annoys him, I just exclude him. Haha, one to me!

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