Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Don't pity me

Why do people find it strange that I like to eat my lunch on my own? Lunch buddy D has started going to the gym of a lunch time, taking the Arsehole with him (or maybe he is inviting himself - difficult to tell), so now I go eat my sandwiches on my own. This is not a rare event - I have often done this when I have worked other places - I sit and read my book - it's great, an uninterrupted hours reading in the middle of the day, sets me up for the afternoon.

Yet, it seems to be inspiring pity in some people (namely the Arsehole). "You can't go to lunch on your own again", they wail. Well, actually I can. And if I am honest, I would prefer it rather than listen to the Arsehole tell of his Arse-licking adventures, or the boring Scot with his endless tales of how Edinburgh is definitely more expensive than London. I lie, they are endless. He just repeats them. Over. And over. And over.......

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