Sunday, February 08, 2004


Thursday, the opticians rang me to book an appointment, as they had my new lenses in. We booked it for 1 o'clock on Saturday lunch time. Then she said that the optician had asked that I wear my lenses for at least 12 hours before the appointment, but booking for 1 o'clock meant that no way could I wear them for 12 hours. She told me to get up early, and put my lenses in for as long as possible. I thought this was odd, but didn't really think too hard about it.

Friday, I had me a nice bottle of wine, as is my wont on usually Friday or Saturday if I am not going out - can't do it on a school night, I am too old for it nowadays. I set my alarm for 8 o'clock in the morning on Saturday - bloody early for me on a weekend. I get up, put them in, potter about for hours, feeling hungover and tired and all things generally associated with a bottle of wine the night before an early morning.

Then, as I am walking to the opticians, I start to think about what they had asked me to do. And of course, thinking about it sensibly, and I really should have known the times I have to keep going back to the opticians time and again about my eyes, I thought, "I bet he meant I should leave my lenses OUT for 12 hours".

Bugger!! First thing he asked me was "Not wearing your glasses?"


Oh well, means my glasses won't be 100%, because when he did another test yesterday, he got completely different readings.

Mind you, the lenses were a really good fit, and I could see out of them very well, considering this was the first fit. I have never had a pair which fitted the first time I put them in, but this is probably the closest. He is ordering me some new ones - just so we can get the best we possibly can - and then I can have new lenses. HOORAY! No more headaches......

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