Saturday, February 28, 2004


1. The Arsehole was concerned yesterday, when trying to find a free space in the bosses calendar so he could have a meeting before he goes on holiday, he discovered she is interviewing next week. For the managers job in our team. I too am concerned, but still managed to feel a little spiteful "Ner ner" at his obvious discomfort.

2. The X just called me. His brother went for a test/scan of some sort in London the other week. He has just found out he needs chemo. So seems they didn't get it all. Very worrying.

3. The more I know of Big G, the more I like him. Not seeing him this weekend, so, to make up for it am spending hours on the phone. The conversation last night was, well, he was just so HONEST. Not really used to the honesty. He was talking about his younger days, and the stupid things he did. Also how he felt after his accident, and how he was hell bent on revenge for the other bloke involved. He is obviously glad he did nothing, but not frightened to admit how he felt at the time. Most of the people I know would just gloss over it, since it is now in the past, and he obviously doesn't feel the hatred he did feel at the time. I don't know, maybe I have my rose-coloured glasses on.

4. Why, when you order an Indian takeaway, do they take your phone number? I ordered one last night - 30-45 minutes they said. I gave them an hour and 10 minutes before I rang them, when they told me "He is just leaving". I live close to the town centre - should have taken them less than 5 minutes. 20 minutes later I ring again, to be told he left 5 minutes ago. I told them if it wasn't here by 9 o'clock (5 minutes away) I didn't want it. 5 past 9 I rang and told them to not bother, and opened myself to a lot of abuse. Personally, I consider waiting 1 hour and 45 minutes far too long, when I was originally told 30-45 minutes. They had my phone number - why couldn;t they ring me to say it would be delayed? Then if I couldn't wait at least they wouldn't have wasted the food.

That'll teach me to stick with the takeaway I usually use. I rang them, and went to pick it up myself, but it took less than 25 minutes. And the food was fab.

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