Thursday, February 12, 2004

More pain

I am still suffering with bad headaches. I came home from work on Tuesday, when I threw up my lunch (I think that was the headache, and not the canteen food) and haven't been back since. I am popping my pain killers like they are tic-tacs. They do seem to work - in the short term anyway - but they are making me sleep. Lots. So getting up for work is not really an option. I am going to have to go in tomorrow - I have had far too much time off work recently.

Regarding my lenses - they rang me yesterday to say that my new lenses were in, and that I needed a half hour appointment to fit them. And the next available appointment is for 21st February. I didn't actually cry, but I think she could tell just how upset I was, and how desperate I was for my lenses, because she rang me back 10 minutes later to say they will fit me in next Tuesday.

My mention of a man seems to have generated much interest.... Not too much going on there yet - early days - so not going to blog much yet.

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