Sunday, February 01, 2004


Well, they are coming down today. Yet another 'last minute' visit - my mom rang me yesterday afternoon. What is happening to my family? They have never been so spontaneous before?

Apart from that, pretty boring here. Weather has been crap, so didn't go out until late last night when I went to Tescos (oh what a joyful and exciting life I lead).

I remember when I started this blog, when I was living in America that, well, maybe not exciting, but certainly odd things would happen to me on a regular basis. Such as the shopkeeper whose tooth fell onto the counter as he was serving me. The number of Indian boys that used to hang around me like flies. The odd people I used to meet in Fitzies. Even being 'roofed' (and getting away!). Sigh. I suppose it's the small town life, but I am getting a little bored.

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