Friday, February 20, 2004

Same old same old

Not much happened this week, hence no blogging. Just work, and trying to get some sleep. Which I would have done last night if not for the bastards upstairs.

Yesterday, I woke at 5.30 - pretty much on the dot according to my alarm clock, which is a bit weird in itself, but hey ho, it happens you know? Anyway, by the time it got to bed time last night, I was well and truly knackered. Well, when I say bedtime, I am talking 9.30 - I was THAT tired.

I go to bed, read for a little bit (can't go to sleep without reading at least a page or two), switch off light, and settle down. It usually takes me half an hour or so to really reach deep sleep.

At 10.15, my upstairs neighbours decide to do their vacuuming. WTF???? It wouldn't be so bad, but they did it late one night last week as well, but it didn't bother me so much then, as I was up. How inconsiderate is that?

I think they work in the airline industries as pilots or trolley dollys or some such thing, because they do keep strange hours. And it can go days without anyone parking in their space, then this big 'off-roader' appears permanently for about 3 days at a time, then disappears again. And like I say, they vacuum at odd times.

I would have gone to complain if I thought they would hear me knocking on their door. But they wouldn't (super designs, these places). I would have had to go all the way downstairs, and outside, to ring their doorbell to speak to them. And it was cold.

And I woke at 5.30 again today, and when I left to go to work at 7.45 their car had gone, so I can only assume it was them waking me up at stupid times 2 days on the trot.

Hey ho.

Little lady goes back to mother's tomorrow, so I get to spend time with Big G, so will probably have more interesting stuff to talk about after the weekend.

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