Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Stitch Up!

Went to the conference today, with A from work. Quite a nice trip there this morning, got there plenty of time to spare.

To be honest, it was a bit boring. It was supposed to have been put together for our company, yet it still turned into a "Please buy WYSIWYG software" show, which was such a waste of time since most of us are users, and do not make the decision regarding what get's bought and when. Also, most of us are programmers - we don't want a nice flash point and click front end, not when it is much quicker and more powerful to code it yourself.

The last session of the day was to be a Q&A session, with people from the software company, and our own company, to answer any questions we had - not necessarily related to the days presentations.

Coffee break in the morning, one of the software representatives comes up to chat to me and A, and we got to talking about how sometimes we had trouble because our datasets are so huge. She rushed off to get a pad, and wrote down her first question for the afternoon session - how can we merge a huge file (30 million records) to a merely big file (10 million) records, without it crashing, and in a reasonable time? Perfectly reasonable question don't you think?

Afternoon sessions begin, and just before the break we have a "Tips and Tricks" session. And he starts to talk about using big files. Then comes the crowning glory - does anyone want to volunteer to present a paper at next years conference on how they got over problems merging big files?

Yep. Guess who?

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