Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Well, I am back. I have had 2 days off work - where I work is funny in that the holiday year runs from 1st March to 28th February (29th this year). I am against carrying over holiday - it somehow seems morally wrong to not take all the days they give you - but I have had a lot of time off sick this year already, so I am carrying over 3 and a half days. That still meant I had to take 2 days, which I did Monday and today.

Big G came down late Saturday night after dropping off his daughter (she lives 300 miles from him, he only sees her in the school holidays), and has just left. And a very nice time we had too - he is such a genuinely nice bloke (well, so far, been there before so not counting my chickens), and we spent a lot of time laughing, which to me is the most important thing.

I have also not eaten so much curry - well - ever really. Which is pretty amazing - meeting someone who likes curry as much as I do. Sunday we had a takeaway, and ordered loads. The leftovers we had for brunch on Monday, before I went to the hairdressers (see later). Then when we got back from town after a bit of a pub crawl..... I made a big pot of base curry sauce, which I freeze in portions to save time when I feel like a curry but can't be bothered to cook one. From that I made a nice hot and sour salmon curry, which we had for dinner. Then tonight, using more of the curry base I made another - different - curry, this time with chicken, and loads of veggies because we decided we had not been eating healthily enough.Ahhh, bliss. And I have enough curry sauce left to make at least 2 more curries. Yay me!

Back to the hair - a big step for me - I moved away from blonde. I am not too sure what I think of it yet - there are not enough mirrors around the house for me to be anywhere near used to it yet. I like it, but I am not sure if I love it yet.

It is no longer blonde (as it has been for almost 3 years with a brief stint at boring brown last summer when I was trying to get a job) and now it is red. That's red. Well, red at the front, the fringe part, while the rest is more purple red. It is so different from what it was, I think it will take some getting used to.

Mind you, in the shower today, I didn't even shampoo it, yet my towel came out all red. I have booked an appointment already for 4 weeks, because I know it will need it desperately by then.

Off to a conference with work tomorrow. So whoo hoo - that's 3 days out of the office this week!

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