Tuesday, March 16, 2004

And the score is... Arsehole 0....

..... Annipink 0.

I know it is petty, but it has made me soooo happy.

They have not managed to recruit a boss for our team yet.

They do not have anyone suitable within the department.

They are temporarily placing the 3 of us under the current 2 other bosses.

That means that despite his arse creeping, he hasn't got the promotion he so desperately thinks he deserves. And I am happy.

One drawback though - and I am hoping this was a joke - I have been put under lunch buddy D. I don't mind this - he is a really nice guy and knows his stuff, got a lot of respect for him. However, when I came out of our meeting to go talk to him about setting up a meeting to talk about what I do, he said he also wanted to go through some other stuff he wants me to do when he is on holiday (from Thursday this week). On a whole bunch of his projects. Erm, no, I don't think so. The idea is he takes on me to manage the projects I do, not takes me on as an extra member of his team to do his work and mine get's forgotten about. I already have more than enough work for one, I can't be taking on his projects on top of that.

Meeting is for 10 tomorrow. Sparks may fly.

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