Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Following on from the discussions in my comments box regarding chocolate, I got VERY excited the other day on finding this.

I used to frequent this place far too often when I lived in Brighton, and when I go for a visit, it is a must on my whirlwind tour of town. Not the cheapest chocolate in town, but well worth a visit.

And I got very excited, because if you get a group of friends together, you can go for a 'private showing' where they give you a talk on how they make their chocolates. Given that just any old customer can sample their gorgeous chocolate buttons just for walking in the shop, just imagine the tastings that would go on in a private showing....

And if anyone fancies buying me a present, the 'Create a Kilo Bar' looks great - dark chocolate with cranberries and lemon I think. Please. Thank you.

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