Monday, March 01, 2004

Dirty Word

Since when did money become such a dirty word?

Today we have all been given our official letters detailing our bonuses and pay rises for the year. Now, don't get me wrong, I consider getting a bonus at all, well, a bonus really - I only started work there at the end of September, and most companies you have to be working there for most (if not all) of the year to qualify for some sort of bonus.

However, the average bonus for someone performing at an average level is 15%. Why then have I only been given 11%?

A, who I work with, was on her own for most of last year. She carried the team, and did it with a smile. She got the bog standard 15%.

I also got a pay rise - whoopy doo - they gave me �500. Over 12 months that's �41. Before tax. Not even a good night out. Now, this pay rise is due from 1st April. I will have been in position for 5 months. Now given that a promotion is not on the cards (that has been earmarked for the Arsehole), I won't get a pay rise now until next April. �500? Well, 1st April is the day for jokes.....

Mind you, that's better than my friend J. She hasn't been given a pay rise at all. She was told that anyone who started after 1st October hasn't been awarded a pay rise. She started the week before me.

Oh - and I am not supposed to know any of this. We are not meant to discuss our salaries with anyone (hence the title of this post), and in fact J was expressly forbidden to discuss it with anyone. Hence we had a 'meeting' for an hour discussing our relative salaries and bonuses and pay rises (or not).

I think we might both be moving to Leeds - I hear HBoS are looking for people......

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